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What is 3D Sound & Examples Of 3D Sound Effect

First, let’s understand what is 3D?


3D image


Three dimensions or three-dimensional describes as 3D in computers. It conveys an image which presents us the understanding of the base. 3D visuals are very interactive and appealing to the consumers who utilize them not like 2D.

Users can enjoy the 3D experience in many ways. One of a great way is Virtual Reality. 

Let’s Know About The 3D Sound Effect

Basically, 3D Sound effects are a collection of sound effects which produces the sound with the help of speakers, headphones, etc.

This sound effect helps to create an artificial sound which operates in contents like web series, animation, games, music, live concert shows and countless more.

When you listen to 3D audio, you’ll believe that the sound is from anywhere i.e – it can behind, above, front and can be below also.

This is termed as three-dimensional space.

The main motive of 3D sound is to provide you with a sound experience which mimics real life. With the assist of HRTF or Head-Related Transfer Function filters and cross talk cancellation techniques, it transforms sound waves which lead to mimic natural sound waves.

Also Permits deception of the brain employing the auditory nerves [bunch of nerve fibers which carries hearing information between the cochlea and the brain] and ears.

This pretends like there are different sounds in different 3D locations and these sounds are delivered by 2 speakers only.

The 3D Sound Technology

Reverberation and HRTF plays a pivotal role here. Because of these, the changes of the sound from the external sources like reflections from floors and walls can be simulated to the listener’s ear.

What reverberation and HRTF do is – reverberation or also termed as reverb is a persistence of a sound after when the sound is delivered.

When a sound or signal reflects, which causes a huge number of reflections to grow higher and then gradually slow down as the sound is absorbed by the objects – which involves air, people, etc.

Few 3D technologies convert binaural recordings to stereo recordings.

Do You Want Some Examples Of 3D Sound  – There You Go!!

Wait, before you experience and listen to these 3D sounds.

I’ll suggest you to please wear your headphones so that you can accurately take the leverage of the music.


Welcome to The Tucker Zone 3D Audio Experience

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