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Smart Tech Portal is a website founded intending to share knowledge & ideas. These ideas are directed on the technology of the future, Emerging Tech.

 Emerging means – to become prominent, come to light/existence. There are loads of emerging technologies coming into existence, which will discuss over here. 

These emerging technologies can disrupt live, on-going industries. We genuinely need to get refreshed & study about these technologies. We will be in a better position if we recognize the positives & negatives of these technologies.

The primary mission of STP is to stay Aware, Alert & Updated. [AAU] So, you can be up-to-date about what is revolving in the industry.

So, this question can rise – Why is STP Doing This?

The minds behind STP are very much impressed in these emerging tech & the respective companies. As you know we are surrounded by technologies and soon we will be surrounded by even more revolutionizing tech.

The error that happens during such a revolution is that most of these tech ideas remain hidden from the majority of the population outside the particular tech communities.

As common people, we have no clue what these future technologies can do. How these innovations & advancements can impact our work, lives & the world?

It isn’t necessary for you to get these concepts deeply in your mind but at least get a hold of such technology. This indeed will benefit the world to look up to these technologies as a good investment.

So, basically STP provides information & insights into these technologies. Things may sometimes turn a bit complex but STP aims to present them with utmost simplicity.


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