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11 Best High-End Wired Earphones That Will “Amaze” You! [Under $150]

Curious to know about the best high-end wired earphones under $150? You are at the right place. This article will satisfy your concern. Going through this article will assist you to identify best high-end wired earphones. So, that you can get the one that best amuses you.

So, Question yourself – What are your expectations from wired earphones?


wired earphones


Wait let me guess. Ahh, what I’ll do is that I better list those down.

  • Outstanding Performance
  • Balanced Mids, Lows & Highs
  • Pure Bass
  • Soft earbuds that make you feel like heaven!!
  • Premium looks so that others can be jealous of you.
  • Compatible with your smartphone.

And I know the list will proceed to go on and on. The below specifying earphones are a power pack with your expectations. Each of them is distinct from other in design, compatibility but there is one thing which is common. It is their performance. All the earphones perform admirably.

You can be an iOS user or an Android user or just a casual listener. You are going to enjoy reading about these beasts. So, tighten up your seat belt as the journey is going to begin now. And don’t forget to read the end section where I will share some valuable views on each of them.

It will “definitely” benefit you!

Ready, Let’s Dive in!!


Brand Model WOW Factor Check Out The Price
1 More Triple Driver THX Certified
Pioneer Rayz Plus Lightning
B&O H3Custom-Designed
Eytimotic Research HF3 Reinforced Cable
Audio-Technica E40 A2DC Connectors
Klipsch Reference R6m Oval Ear Tips
Dunu Titan 1 Nano-class
Shure Se215-K Hi-Def Driver
V-Moda Forza Metallo ActiveFlex
Beyerdynamic iDX160IE TPE material
Flare Jet 2 X-Ray & Jet


1 More Triple Driver


1more Triple Driver


Positive TraitsTriple Driver, THX Certified, Great Performance, Appealing Design

Negative TraitsPlastic Remote, Rubber Cable

Many of you might not the brand 1 More and believe there are many brands in this post, the name of which you haven’t discovered. The 1 More Triple Driver as its name suggests has Triple Driver feature about which we will soon discuss.

Triple Driver


1more Triple Driver 2


  • 1 More Triple Drive has three drivers. You might be thinking that till now I have only heard about 1 driver. But this is true, it contains 3 drivers. Having three drivers is just like having many earphones in your ears to give you every important aspect of a song. The 3 driver system is like a dynamic driver system which behaves as a woofer. The brand states that listening to your favourite music is like enjoying it live.
  • The Triple Driver system consists one dynamic driver and two armature drivers. These function in a way that they intensify music to a great extent.

3 Button Remote and Mic

The earphone has a remote having 3 buttons. So, you can control your music and calls. Moreover, you can attend your calls gracefully. Why? The answer is the noise isolation and crystal clear sound transmission through the Mic.


Paying a huge amount on earphones implies great performance + comfort. This earphone takes care of your comfort. The earpieces are made up of an alloy of aluminium which is lightweight. Even more, the earpieces have an ergonomic design with an angularity. So, the combination of these 3 things improves your feeling of being comfortable.


1 More Triple Driver is a great illustration of Hi-Res earphones. For having Hi-Res audio the device should be able to sustain the process. Here the 3 driver picture benefits this earphone to achieve Hi-Res. The frequency ranges up to 40,000 Hz far beyond the human hearing end.

THX Certified

First I would introduce THX. THX is an American company that develops high-quality audio/visual reproduction standards. It is also known as  “Tomlinson Holman’s Xperiment.” You might be thinking, “Why did this come here?”. Because the 1 More Triple Diver is the 1st THX certified earphone in the world. So, they provide great sync or harmony throughout the process of listening to music.


Pioneer Rayz Plus


Pioneer Rayz Plus


Positive TraitsGreat for iOS, Excellent AANC, Listen & Charge, Smart Button Feature

Negative TraitsOnly for iOS, Low Superiority

I’m sure that many of you might not have even heard about this name. Few who can recall are mostly iOS users. As this is an earphone for iOS devices. The brand is also quoted as ‘The Tesla Of Earphones’ by the Product Hunt. Find out what is noble about it.

Noise Cancellation

All of us know that noise cancellation is an important factor for which people pay huge bucks. Moreover, you can find noise cancellation feature in many high-end earphones. Wait wait, the Rayz Plus not only has ANC but also AANC, forgive me for this, actually, it is Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation. Noise Cancellation here does great work. It changes dynamically.

Let’s take an example for better understanding –

  • Assume you are walking on the street listening to your preferred music. Your earphones are ANC ones. So, you can enjoy music for a certain level of resistant noise. Besides, imagine on the way you entered a very busy street. The external noise might exceed your earphone’s ANC capacity. In such scenarios, your ANC will work perfectly but will not be adequately smart to stop the increasing noise.
  • Here, Adaptive ANC comes into the picture. It can improve its capacity smartly according to the external condition.

Remember – It also still has some limit of resistance.

Listen & Charge

Most of us don’t listen to music and charge our smartphone or the source device simultaneously. But while using Rayz Plus you can perform these two tasks simultaneously without blowing up your smartphone. Rayz Plus uses Lightning Connector, this lets you do both things together. The Avnera LightX technology reduces the power consumption significantly.

Smart Button & Smart Mute

  • The Rayz Plus has a smart button which is customizable. You can set this button to open an app, mute calls, unmute calls or to perform any function. Moreover, it has a smart mute technology. This technology enables the Rayz Plus to recognise when you are speaking. So, it unmutes at that time. Similarly, it recognises that you have stopped speaking and automatically mutes you.
  • This benefits when you are on a busy roadway to your home and an important meeting is to be attended on call. So, this technology mutes after you finish speaking. This doesn’t allow your surrounding noise to disturb others during the meeting.
  • Moreover, it also has an auto-pause technology that pauses the music when you remove the Rayz Plus. Music continues to play automatically when you wear it again.


Taking care of your safety is the first priority in mind. The Rayz Plus has a feature known as the HeaThru mode. This mode when turned on, allows the ambient noises to pass the ANC. So, that you are aware of your surrounding.


Beoplay H3


Beoplay H3



Positive TraitsCustom Driver, Ultralight & Robust, Great Bass Delivery, Good Noise Isolation

Negative TraitsRemote Issues

The Beoplay H3 is another premium earphone that provides Beaplay’s signature sound.

The B&O Sound

  • The Beoplay H3 has a custom-designed driver. The driver is 10.8 millimetres in diameter. So, this custom driver and the micro bass port along with the B&O signature sound enables the H3 to provide clean and perfect music. It is a small earpiece but it produces great and accurate audio quality.
  • The micro bass port is settled inside the cabinet. This provides an impactful bass which magnifies the overall performance.
    The frequency range is 20-16000 Hz. I know you are thinking that we have always heard high-frequency range earphones/headphones are better. You are right, but the H3 has a feature that compensates this.
  • High frequency is required for enhancing performance. But, the H3 delivers high-quality audio even in low frequencies. This is because of the bass port.

Robust & Light = Great Combination

  • We mostly have to compromise between weight and durability. As a product is made robust it increases in weight. Similarly, as a product is made light it becomes less robust. The H3 eliminates this concern. The H3 has a unique housing, crafted using lightweight metal which renders it robustness and ultra-light features.
  • The materials used for the manufacturing of the H3 are stainless steel, rubber and polymer. The earphone weighs around 16g. Having such a great finish and robust quality in 16g is fabulous.


The earpieces are designed to fit any ear size. The earbuds are also made up of premium quality. So that they are soft and comfortable to your ears. The earbuds are a little angular which allows for pure sound travel. So, that the leakage of sound is minimised to zero.

The angular earbuds slip into the ear smoothly and don’t fall off easily.

  • The cord is both tangles free and hassle-free. It’s quite uncomfortable to untangle the earphone cords whenever you are ready for music. This almost destroys all the enthusiasm. But with the H3 you don’t have to worry about that. You can grab as it is kept in your pocket and straight plug it into your smartphone and enjoy music.
  • The H3 also has an inline remote which has controls to manage your music. Similarly, to receive and end calls. The Mic promotes clear conversations.


The Beoplay H3 comes in two variants. One for iOS and other for Android. So, the remote of the iOS model may not work on the Android and vice versa.



Eytimotic Research HF3


Eytimotic Research HF3


Positive TraitsGreat Performance, Noise Isolation, Custom Fit Option

Negative TraitsOnly for iOS Devices, Fitting Issues

Etymotic Research is a company that manufactures accurate audio gadget. Moreover, the name “Etymotic” expresses true to the ear.

High Performing Drivers

The HF3 by Etymotic has high-performance drivers. These are balanced armature drivers which are designed to give a response accuracy of 85% or higher. The sound produced by the drivers are established as the gold standards for high-definition.

Noise Isolation and Sound

  • The HF3 provides noise isolation to a sensitivity of 35 to 42 dB. Moreover, the max output is 120 dB. It has been once documented as the highest noise isolation of any earphones or headphones. So, you can enjoy good undisturbed music throughout your journey.
  • High fidelity demands the reproduced music to match with a very close margin with the original music. The HF3 has a great response accuracy to provide you, the user True High Fidelity.

Durability and Design

  • The Etymotic HF3 has a cable which is reinforced. This enhances the durability of the cable. So, you can stop worrying about caring it too much. The filters in the earbuds protect the balanced armature drivers from ear wax. The design in which the ear tips are made adds to the noise isolation.
  • Moreover, it ensures that your ear is sealed to block any sound leakage and make you feel comfortable. The HF3 also has a custom fit option which will be great for those who are very specific about their comfort.


Very Sorry Android users, this is compatible only with iOS devices. So, this is another special earphone for Apple enthusiasts. More specifically it is for Apple iPod®, iPhone® and iPad™ functionality.






Positive TraitsPurely Musical, Great Design, A2DC Technology, Balanced Bass

Negative TraitsNo Mic Feature

The ATH-E40 is a professional in-ear monitor earphones by Audio-Technica. These earphones deliver impactful bass. Moreover, they produce balanced mids and highs which gives you a great music experience.


  • The ATH-E40 has a proprietary dual phase push-pull driver design. This provides improvised fidelity and grants you excellent accuracy and clarity. The E40 has noise isolation. The earbuds and the Noise Isolation work together to maximise the isolation of the surrounding noise. So, that you can enjoy your music or focus on your favourite podcast on the go.
  • Moreover, the earphones come with a detachable cable. The cable is around 1.6 m long. Furthermore, it has A2DC [Audio Designed Detachable Coaxial] connectors.
  • It is a great earphone for professional stage use and also for casual listening.


The section of the cable near the earpieces are resilient. So, it goes over your ear for a reliable and comfortable fit.


Klipsch Reference R6m




Positive TraitsOval Ear Tips, Great Isolation, Excellent Bass, Sterling Clarity

Negative Traits Lack of Volume Control

The Klipsch R6m is an earphone that provides a great performance which is equivalent as their legendary Home Theater Speakers. It has the same advanced acoustic engineering and industry level design as the legendary Reference Home Theater Speakers.


  • The R6m has a beautiful design. It is manufactured using aluminium and elastomer. This gives the R6m a sleek design. Moreover, it is also light in weight. Most importantly, it is durable. So, it is a powerful combination of lightness, durability and sleekness.
  • And yes, you don’t have to worry about handling the cable. The cable management issue is also eliminated as it has tangle-free & hassle-free cable.

Noble Features –

Patented Ear Tips

  • The R6m has its own design for better and comfortable ear tips. They also have patented it. It is called the Oval Ear Tips. Most importantly, the ear tip itself has an ergonomic design. That is, it is designed anatomically which allows it to fit smoothly in your ear. Moreover, it fits the ear accurately. So, the subject of sound leakage is eliminated.
  • This supports and adds to the noise isolation which increases the overall performance. The ear tips are made up of silicon. Even more, you won’t feel tired wearing it and enjoying music.

Durable Cable

Tangle-free cable helps us a lot. But if the cable is not tangle-free then that’s a pretty mess, to disentangle it every time when you remove out of your pocket or if it’s in a pouch. R6m cable is tangle-free & with more perks like it’s improved, long-lasting etc.


The R6m is compatible with most of the smartphones. Even more, precisely it is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices. So, whatever device you use this will operate with it ideally.


Dunu Titan 1


Dunu Titan 1..


Positive TraitsRugged Build Quality, Appreciable Sound, Punchy Bass

Negative TraitsTreble is sort of Okay, Frivolous Isolation

Dunu titan 1 is an IEM earphone which is also known as ‘In-Ear Monitor’. This piece has a dynamic transducer added with nano class titanium diaphragm. It’s unlike from the classic dynamic transducer. It’s potential is of complete transient response which gives it dynamic sound experience.

Build View

  • Design of the Dunu titan is sharp, backed by metal body & nicely finished bright blue & red rings on each earpiece respectively. This also portrays it as a proper direction which earpiece is left & right. You can call this ‘beauty and the beast’! These wired earphones are influenced by machined aluminium housings.
  • On the other hand, cable material is of Thermoplastic elastomer [TPE] which is also sometimes mentioned as thermoplastic rubber plus it also fabric encased.
  • As I said earlier it has a dynamic transducer. Now, wait a bit – what this Dynamic transducer is? The answer will be – It’s a “device which converts one form of energy into another form of energy”


It has a 13mm dynamic driver. Earphones nozzle properly reaches the ear canal so that it can correctly fit and you can listen to your music with peace. It is easy & comfortable. Also, several earpiece designs are available of your wanted choice which acts as a layer of comfort.

Sound Experience

Dunu delivers muscular and gentle bass. The treble is not that powerful. But if you like more bass then treble this offers more high-level bass. It’s not harsh. The sound is good, to elaborate more it is okay for usual listeners.

Some Noted Feature –

Nano Class Titanium Diaphragm

  • Titanium diaphragm has a considerable amount of sonic purity and transparency. This feature helps in controlling elevated power without distortion and spreads the energy evenly across its exterior. Concatenating the traits of transient response and ability of dynamic transducer, the titanium diaphragm has the potential to surpass all.
  • 316L Stainless Steel Used


Shure Se215-K


Shure SE215 K


Positive TraitsFriendly Sound, Ease Design, Noise Isolation, Sturdy Cables

Negative TraitsNot for Casual Listeners, Fitting Problems

The Shure earphones provide award-winning sound experience, is comfortable. There are two variants wired and wireless, here you will find wired one because the title says best high-end wired earphones, right? If you get easily irritated by harsh noises then this can be your suitable member.


Shure is curvier and looks natural. The ‘K’ on the name denotes colour variations. It’s very flimsy, the nozzle angle is optimised so that it is comfortable in your ears and can enjoy the music. Gold metal Connector on the kevlar cable has an inbuilt lock snap mechanism hallmark which allows it to rotate 360-degrees for very pleasant feel and clean fit.

Features Included in this machine –

Yes, now the features which assist us a lot & makes it very easy [My Favourite One!]

Detachable Cable

Because of detachable kevlar cable system now you can connect to multiple connectivity alternatives which are very awesome for a long-term perspective, it will be upgraded. Connectivity alternatives can be like USB type-C, Lightning, Universal 3.5mm etc.

1 Hi-Def Driver

Pure Sound experience with heavyset bass is produced by a sole dynamic driver in a very convenient and easygoing way. Special Edition white/blue versions have slightly tweaked the frequency response for enlarged bass. It has been road tested by professional musicians and the result was/is that it delivers very detailed sound with amplified bass and can be used for both – personal as well as professional practice.

Comfortable Sound Isolation

Sound Isolation [SI] hinders it up to 37dB of milieu noise. This tech helps us by diminishing external disturbance & ensure that it cannot enter into your private chill listening environment!


V-Moda Forza Metallo


V moda ForzMetallo


Positive TraitsSound Quality, Tough Cable, Active Flex sport Fins

Negative TraitsConnector Issue

The V-Moda sound quality is noted & now supported with durable metal earphones. So, let’s examine it out how it is!

Design Quality

  • Metallo earphones are very small in size. Not that much weight in this earpiece. Decent fluffy 5.8mm micro drivers on each earphone respectively. If you have a feeling to supplement some customization then you can supplement custom 3D Handcrafted ear tips on your earphones. It will not add that much weight.
  • Looks great and flimsy. Ultra-reinforced & Tangle Free cable which serves it to protect the cable for long weeks & months. 20 times stronger than the standard industry cable.
  • Custom used cables and given nickname as ‘Diamond Back’. The reinforced 45-degree plug can resist up to 60,000 curve angles asserted by ‘V-Moda’ itself.
  • It’s suitable for crowds who like to exercise. Especially comes along with sport ear cups accessory which helps it fit comfortably in your ears.


Standard 3.5mm jack available.

Point to note – There are two versions –

1] – Android users
2] – iOS users

carefully check which one you need.

Android version has some more features than the iOS version & Android model value is slightly expensive than the iOS model. Colour variation differs too.

Wired Earphones with 3 buttons remote and mic

Control your audio, calls, play/pause music or give commands with the help of these 3 button remote. Commands with the help of Ok Google or Siri on Android and Apple device respectively. 3 button remote is cooperative with a 3.5mm audio device, iOS, Android etc.



V moda Forza 1b


Patent Pending ActiveFlex Technology

ActiveFlex Detachable Sport fins which are available to you in 3 sizes – [Small(S), Medium(M), Large(L)]. This tech helps to fit the ear cups properly in your ears which is very helpful when you’re doing any running or vigorous activities.


Beyerdynamic iDX160IE


Beyerdynamic iDX160IE

Positive TraitsSmooth, Options for Ear Hooks

Negative TraitsSome Features for iOS & Some for Android

Beyerdynamic proffers you with sleek and rich in performance sound experience earphones

Design Scene

  • Metal Housing, flawless anodised surface, lustrous aluminium rings robust TPE material & 45 ° angled connector which offers the wired earphones with an enlarged life growth. No quarrel to disentangle the cables when you remove them to hear music, this is solved by inculcating tangle-free cables.
  • Can act as a travel pal for you. Rich in feel, Valuable and helpful features. Signature style is used in the earpieces. The special thing with IDX 160 IE is that its metal ring with a scooped out arc which helps it to slide in your ears easily.

Brilliant Sound

Brawny Neodymium Drivers delivers the best sound features includes like clear high frequency, deep bass reproduction, clear mids etc punches these earphones to the next level because of these awesome features used. Surrenders clear and pure Hi-Fi Sound Experience.


  • You can choose from several cables and adapters, 2 extension cables, 90 cm long respectively. VoIP adapter is connected to a computer so that you can use both the earphones & mic which can be used for calling or video call via Skype or any other medium.
  • If you like you can share your personal music with your near & dear ones.


A range of ear cups available – like 1 pair with triple flange, 1 pair with double flange and so on all made up of silicone. If you are not interested you can choose the standard original ear tips [The Type-T-400 which is a foam ear cups].


Flare Jet 2


Flares Jet 2


Positive TraitsJet Technology, Fragile, Great Quality Disentangle Cable

Negative TraitsPricey

Flares Jet earphones have used a new revolutionary patent-pending technology. This technology uses jets to control & linchpin sound into your ears. Pretty impressive, right?

So, what it does is – you can hear the extreme bass & immensely inclined levels of detail subtleties which you’ve never encountered before.

Aluminium and Plastic models, It’s a featherweight.

Sound Experience

  • Powerful & Great Bass Experience
  • Bigger Drivers

The Cable

Regular 3.5mm gold plated jack connector with mic & controller facilities. Cable’s length is up to 1.15m

Key Note Features –

X-Ray Hearing

Likely give you to hear the subtle variations & deeper experience in your aspired music. Mingled with awesome isolation so you can get the prime sound experience.

Jet Technology

  • With this help of Jet technology, the accurate pressure balances across all the frequencies. It allows it to tie with the air pressure in forefront of the driver & backend of the driver. This results in to set free accumulation of pressure or employ it to magnify the anterior part amount of the earphone.
  • Besides, this diminishes the distortion levels & upgrades the overall volume so that the driver can perform as accurately as viable.



I am convinced you might be questioning yourself, “I wasn’t aware of such earphones”. Seriously, there are plenty more brands which are premium. These were some of those brands. Certainly, these are the best high-end wired earphones one you can find under $150.
So, according to me, all the above-mentioned earphones are exquisite. Therefore, this conclusion will be based on the user-type.

If you are an iOS user then you have 2 Options [Strictly for iOS only]

  • Pioneer Rayz Plus
  • Eytimotic Research HF3

So, I’ll prefer Rayz Plus over Eytimotic [My preference, your’s can be different]. The reason is that it performs great and leverages Apples Lightning Connector Technology. So, you can listen to your music while charging your iOS device simultaneously

NoteOthers are also excellent. So, you can undoubtedly go for them if you want too!

Non-iOS users have many alternatives. So, I will partake my viewpoints on these.

1 More Triple Driver
  • As we have seen above it is THX certified which is itself a prominent reason for buying it. Further, the overall design is attractive and feels premium.
Beoplay H3
  • The H3 is more suited for those who want performance, durability and light earphones. This beast has an appreciable amount of everything. Furthermore, its custom-designed driver and micro bass port boost the performance to greater heights.
  • E40 is a well-performing in-ear-monitor. It provides crisp and clear sound. The bass is great all thanks to its proprietary dual phase push-pull driver. So, if you are an artist or someone involved in music production, go for it. Casual listeners can also buy it, it’s worth buying.
Klipsch Reference R6m
  • R6m has a very good Noise Isolation solution. The Oval Ear Tips play a vital role in reducing interference of the external sound. So, you can enjoy music even on a busy street and even more. Furthermore, the design fits smoothly and is comfortable.
Dunu Titan 1
  • Dynamic transducer combined with [ nano class titanium diaphragm – a goodly amount of sonic purity and transparency ]. The body is made up of ThermoPlastic Elastomer [TPE] which is also sometimes mentioned as thermoplastic rubber.
Shure Se215-K
  • Detachable Kevlar Cable System – Connect To Multiple Connectivity Options
  • 1 Hi-Def Driver – Detailed Sound With Amplified Bass
  • Comfortable Sound Isolation [SI] – Diminishing External Disturbance
V-Moda Forza Metallo

1] – Android users
2] – iOS users

Android model has some more traits than the iOS version.

ActiveFlex Technology – Aids to adjust the ear cups properly in your ears when you’re doing any energetic activities.

Beyerdynamic iDX160IE
  • Sturdy Thermoplastic elastomer [TPE] material & 45 ° angled connector.
Flare Jet 2

Jet TechnologyAccurate Pressure is balanced across all frequencies, diminishes the distortion levels & upgrades the overall volume

X-Ray HearingHear the subtle variations & deeper experience.

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