3 Best Selected True Wireless Earbuds

3 Best “Selected” True Wireless Earbuds You Will Need {under $100}

When you purchase wireless earphones/headphones, you will notice that some wireless earphones/headphones will have those 3.5mm cables. These cables are exasperating at times. So, for no nuisance and using your earphones/headphones freely. Introducing “True Wireless Earbuds”.

No cables at all, put in your ears and play. Very effective & secure. It’s towards the pricey side but worth it. Now, we have to realise –

What’s The Contrast Between True Wireless & Wireless?

Wireless – As we all know, Wireless is accompanied by Bluetooth, we pair it with our smart device, paired done within a sec, & play it with ease. It is straightforward and less time-consuming.

True Wireless – Entirely Cable-free, forget about cables, the two earbuds are not attached to it, Completely Isolated.

An example I can provide you – Apple commenced this where the cable or any kind of stuff is not combined.

As you see the difference some Wireless earphones/headphones have cables & true wireless is cable free. If you are satisfied with your wireless headphones/earphones & you are okay with it then prefer reading this headphones/earphones article but if you’re hunting for another alternative then proceed reading this.

I will start now addressing the 3 best selected True Wireless Earbuds.

Check Out Their Prices –

Brands Model Check Out The Price Now
Anker Liberty Lite
Enacfire E18
Nenrent S570
BluephonicTrue Wireless Earbud


Soundcore: Liberty Lite by Anker


Soundcore Truly Wireless Earbuds


  • Positive Traits – Good Connectivity, Decent Sound Quality
  • Negative Traits – Noise isolation issues

The Soundcore Liberty Lite by Anker is great and well-performing headset one can get at the price. Of Course, it won’t be as good as the other premium earbuds. But they cannot be overlooked too.

The Liberty Lite has some great stuff to talk about

1] Significant Sound Quality
2] Weightless ( Almost )
3] Appreciable Connectivity
4] Battery-Life

Significant Sound Quality

Even Though, the Liberty Lite doesn’t cost as much as other prominent earbuds it has its own mark among the users. I wasn’t hoping the sound quality to be this good.

Yeah, agreed that there are many earphones and headphones which are also remarkable but remember these are “Truly Wireless.”

  • The audio driver is made up of Graphene which results in its featherweight class. Moreover, the drivers are also strong. These drivers deliver audio at a great level of efficiency. You will also be able to classify the details properly. The bass is deep and the lows, mids and highs are also well balanced.
  • Furthermore, Anker has also focused its attention on the mic. You can have a superb conversation with your colleagues and Apple users, you can have a nice conversation with Siri too.

Weightless (Almost)

I am not sure what material is used in the manufacturing of its body. I said this because it weighs like nothing. Even though the driver is light in weight but the body has its own weight which adds to the overall weight. But you won’t be able to feel the expected weight.

  • Surely, there is no earbud as light as this one. This is great news but you have to take care that it doesn’t fall of [ we will talk about this later].

Appreciable Connectivity

It uses the Laser Direct Structuring [LDS] technology, this lets the earbuds and the smartphone to be connected securely. Anker recommends keeping your smartphone in your right pocket. Moreover, keeping your phone in the left pocket can result in dropouts.

  • But the strong connection is established when the device is kept on the right-hand side. Furthermore, it uses the Bluetooth v5.0 which is free from the existence of audio delays. According to Anker, the connectivity array is somewhat around 33 ft.


The Battery-Life of the Liberty Lite is fair. You can listen to music for 3.5 Hrs without the charging case. Besides, with the charging case, the battery life extends to 12 Hrs which is great.

Valuable feature

  • It is waterproof too. The Liberty Lite is IPX5 certified. I won’t suggest you wear this on a rainy day [You can if you want]. But it can survive less intense jet streams and splashes.


Enacfire E18


Enacfire E18 True Wireless Earbuds


  • Positive Traits – Waterproof, Fabulous Sound Quality
  • Negative Traits – No environmental sound dampening

The E18 by Enacfire is a worthy earbud one should thrive for under $50. It has some great feature about which we will talk soon. Moreover, it is a value for money earbud as it gives great performance for the price.

Features to appreciate about

1] One-Step Link Technology
2] On The Go Charging
3] Multi-Modes

One-Step Link Technology

Typically when we use an earbud we have to press a button or something for the earbud to initiate the connectivity. Besides, you have to perform this step always. Enacfire has focused on the problem and provided a great solution ‘One-Step Link Technology’. It has two stages initially.

First Time

  • Take out the earbuds and connect it to your device utilising Bluetooth.

Other Times 

  • Just take your true wireless earbuds out of the charging case and boom it is connected.
  • What happens, is that it recognises the devices and connects automatically via Bluetooth the remaining times. This saves you from pressing the power button again and again. But does this affect the battery life? Yes, so it is suggested to keep it in the charging case if not in use.

On The Go Charging

  • The Nenrent S570 and the E18 are on the same page when it comes to battery life. It has a playback time of 3.5-4 Hrs without the case. Moreover, with the case, the battery life extends to 15 Hrs which is superb.
  • According to Enacfire, you can enjoy listening to 300 songs and watching 10 movies. The charging case uses the latest magnetic charging. Moreover, this enables the 80% charging in about 30 mins.


The Enacfire E18 supports multiple modes in which you can use the earbud. There are in total three modes.

Stereo Mode

  • In this mode, you can enjoy HD stereo sound quality. This mode is beneficial to use when you are relaxing and want to watch your favourite movie.

Share Mode

  • When you are with your friends or family and want to watch or listen to anything this mode is the best. You can give the other earbud to your friend or lover and share happiness.

Single Mode

  • In this mode, the earbuds are used for only a single channel. This mode is useful while driving or walking on the streets.

Other Features

  • The earbud has a built-in Mic which works well in delivering pure sound. The E18 uses the Bluetooth version 4.2. Moreover, there are very few dropouts. So that your music zone is not interrupted.
  • The design of the E18 is pretty good. It has an ergonomic design and implements the ear smoothly. Furthermore, the earbud is anti-dropout and won’t leave your ears while playing, running, cycling etc. It can also bear water splashes. But there is 1 thing that is a bit bad about this, it’s weight.
  • It weighs around 50 g which 10 times the weight of the Nenrent S570.


Nenrent S570




  • Positive Traits – Lightweight, Minimalistic, Clear Sound
  • Negative Traits – Connection issue, Design not Appealing

The Nenrent S570 is the miniature Bluetooth earbud one can find. It has a nice ergonomic design with a universal fitting shape. You shouldn’t expect much from this as this is almost under $20. You will get a single piece for $20 but you can buy 2 for $40. Now, relish the features


It has a generous battery time. The battery can serve up to 4-5 Hrs while enjoying music. Moreover, it has a call time of 6 Hrs. The S570 has a built-in high-performance rechargeable battery. The battery has a capacity of 60mAh which is sufficient. The earbud takes 1-2 Hrs for complete charging.

  • So, the charging is not optimised. But great for a $40 earbud. Furthermore, it has a standby time of 130 Hrs.

Connectivity & Compatibility

The Nenrent S570 makes use if the Bluetooth version 4.1. Moreover, it supports multi-point technology, this allows the earbud to connect to 2 devices concurrently. The connectivity reach is 10 meters which are decent.

  • Most importantly, it is compatible with almost all the Bluetooth assisting devices. For example iPhones, Androids, Samsung Galaxy….

Sound Quality

Sound quality is not that good. But yes it is HD and you can listen to your podcast etc without any difficulty. There is no crystal clear sound feature as I anticipated. On the other hand, the sound is loud. You don’t have to increase the volume to maximum for audibility and clarity.

  • Further, you will face interference and distortion at high volumes.

One Button For Everything

The earbud has a very good peculiarity that controls all the functions. This is effected by a button on the earbuds. Moreover, it is the only button on the earbud. It performs functions such as on/off, Play/Pause, Bluetooth pairing, Answer/Hang up and Redial.

  • This move of integrating such a button by Nenrent is admired by me.

Design and Weight

As I mentioned earlier this the smallest earbud you can find today. Moreover, it is also featherlight. It weighs nearly 5.10 g [0.18 oz] which is indeed as light as a feather. This small size and an ergonomic universal fit architecture make the design human-friendly.

Worthy Mention – 





  • Positive Traits – Sufficient Loudness, Great Sound Quality
  • Negative Traits – Connection issues, Syncing problem

Bluephonic earbuds are worthy to be mentioned. They cost somewhat around $60 and work well.

Some of the highlighted features are 

Battery life 

  • It has a battery life of 3.5 – 4 Hrs without the charging case. Whereas with the case you can use it for around 18 Hrs which is adequate time.

Sound Quality

  • The overall sound quality is well crafted. Even phone calls are conducted in the dual stereo system.


  • The Bluephonic is designed to survive and last rains, splashes and sweat. So, you don’t have to worry while training or travelling on a rainy day.


  • The overall design is admirable. It looks good and doesn’t feel like cotton stuffed in your ears. The overall weight of the earbuds including the case is 181.5 g.


So, here it is 3 best selected True Wireless Earbuds for you. These 3 earbuds are valuable & quality products. There are a lot of not so good buds out there. That’s why I have given a ‘Worthy Mention’ true wireless earbud section.

What I propose is “Enacfire E18” [That’s my opinion]. Choose which you’re interested in & which fulfils your requirements.

Enacfire E18 – What’s great??

I admire the smart features in the product a lot & Enac has valuable features to reflect –

A] – 1 Step Link Technology
B] – On The Go Charging
C] – Multi-Modes

I hope this article benefited you and provided you with a solution which gadget is best & proper for your demands.

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