What is Pedometer

What is Pedometer & How Does it Benefits Us??

Have you ever encountered/heard this term ‘pedometer’? Come on think! Do you know what is pedometer? 

No, then you are at the right place. This is a very required sensor and is used in various smart devices like smartphone, smartwatches, fitness trackers, etc.

So, stay tuned and enjoy this valuable information.


What is Pedometer

A pedometer is a portable instrument which is utilized to count each step of the person by detecting the person’s hands or via hips.

Pedometer Technology

It employs a mechanical sensor and software which is applied to count steps. Earlier, it was a mechanical switch to identify the steps along with an easy counter

Nowadays, because of advanced technology, the step counters rely on MEMS [Microelectromechanical systems, also termed as micromachines –
the technology of microscope devices] inertial sensors to do what?

Yeah, you are right – to detect steps.

Devices Included – 

It varies from Apple products to Fitbit, Nokia, Sony, etc. From Apple Products [Smartphones], they are several of them like –

The 5th and 6th Gen iPod Nano along with accelerometer traits.

iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s

From Apple Product [Smartwatch]

Apple Watch


Nokia Products like –

Nokia 5500 Sports Phone

Sports Tracker

Step Counter

How Does Pedometer Work??

Have you ever observed how you walk?

When you start walking, your body slides to one end and with that motion, you swing your right/left leg forward. So, let’s assume you are walking now – you swing your right leg forward and then your left leg.

So, your body slides toward the left and then you swing your right leg with this you begin the walking process and vice versa. This sliding and shifting of the legs is a ‘step’. This is what the pedometer calculates.

This is how the pedometer works – to count how many numbers of steps you occurred in a day.

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